EIN Super Wood

Deck of a hotel in Hong Kong

Property Name Hotel at Kowloon Station in Hong Kong
Execution Deck

Deck of a resort hotel in China

Property Name Resort hotel in Phoenix Island Hainan, China
Execution Deck

Deck of Hachibuse Fureai Park

Property Name Hachibuse Fureai Park in Zentsuji, Kagawa
Execution Deck

Louver of DAEMYUNG RESORT in Korea

Property Name DAEMYUNG RESORT in Korea
Execution Louver

Pergola in Chibaminato

Property Name Chibaminato Chiba Chuo-ku, Chiba
Execution Pergola

Boardwalk over Hyoutan'ike

Property Name Hyoutan'ike in Zentsuji-shi, Kagawa
Execution Boardwalk
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