Solar power generation

We practice the value engineering in all processes from land acquisition to EPC and O&M.
Our strengths
We lead the customer's business to success as a service provider, power plant operators, project financing, real estate, engineering, and operations professionals in power generation business.


We offer a variety of services including contract, consignment, and sale at each stage, such as development consignment, property brokerage, EPC, construction, equipment and material sales, power plant sales, research and design, O&M consignment and closing.

From the viewpoints and positions of business owners, real estate companies, engineering companies, and operators, our experts make the best interests of your business and lead you to success.

Power plant

At our company, we balance the solar power generation business to offer optimum service to our customers and consistent operational support services at the same time, in order to provide the best service to our customers, we have developed our own direct solar power plant.

The experience and data obtained by this will be reflected in service to customers in the form of actual results. At the same time, the solar power generation business is a highly profitable business, so we will increase our corporate viability and ensure continuity of service delivery to our customers.

Operation & Maintenance

We provide O&M services, aiming to maximize the amount of power generation after the start of power generation.

It is possible to monitor the operation by remote monitoring, emergency response, periodic inspection and patrol inspection, response to periodic reports and system revision to the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, solution suggestion to maximize profit, grass cutting, cleaning, and various other services.

Operation & Maintenance

Research and Design

In the development of the power plant, we will investigate and evaluate the property in advance.

Our research is investigated and reported by specialist staff in each field including real estate, licenses and approvals, power generation, design contents, ground and survey. We will also design and apply for power stations. Regardless of newly established or existing ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Synergy efficiency solutions

We provide solution service aiming at improvement of power generation efficiency.

Dual axis solar tracking system

The movement of sunlight in the daytime is automatically tracked, and the difference of the solar angle by the season can be changed manually.

Our laboratory

Location Takaoka,Kato-shi,Hyogo
Frame Made in USA
Construction date September 2017
Capacity 320W×12 panels (6 of those are double sided panels )
Compare for Fixed panel with same amount
  • The power generation efficiency is improved by the east-West one-axis tracking. The double-sided panel expects a synergistic effect by the reflective sheet.

Reflective anti-grass sheet

The power generation efficiency is increased by the reflection of the light absorbed on the ground and the use of both sides’ panels. Drastically reduce weeding work load due to herbicidal effect.

Developed with "Tanaka Co., Ltd." the herbicide sheet maker

  • Power up generation efficiency by reflection
  • Anti-grass effect
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