Power plant in Ashikawa Asahi, Chiba

Location 3972-8 Hamachi Ashikawa Asahi-shi, Chiba
Sales Price ¥20,480K(excluding tax)
Equipment ¥17,480K(excluding tax)
Land ¥3,000K
Scale (Panel)63.6kW/(PCS)49.5kw
Price for the electric power selling ¥27/kWh (¥29.16/kWh(including tax))
Gross Yield Annual gross rate of return 10.0%
(Average for 20 years)
Linking: Mar. 2017
Annual Investment Benefits Expected profit for 20 years ¥2,048K (¥2,212K(including tax))
Estimated reduction rate 0.5% every year
Panels made by Canadian Solar 260W
Land title ¥3,000K
Except registration fee, tax and miscellaneous expense
Power conditioner: TABUCHI ELECTRIC ※ listed with 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Frame: Dedicated to stand on the ground

・Please contact us for business simulation
・The selling price includes contribution of construction for power supply, land construction cost, and generation monitoring equipment
 (except  communication cost)
・The selling price is the current one, may be changed without notice.


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