Those who challenge various fields and are willing to nurture with the company, are wanted at any time.


Our employees are constantly growing and working on various fields by utilizing traditional skills and experience including planning, consulting, land procurement, planning, design, construction and management of projects.

Why not take advantage of your skills and experience in various fields such as real estate, building, re-energy, and launching new businesses?


【Recruitment field and main core skills and experience】

  1. Construction, solar power station, new building of EIN · Superwood ·Design supervision · Design Renovation · Construction management · Project management
  2. Operation & Maintenance including light work such as inspecting, monitoring, reporting and cutting grass of solar power stations
  3. EIN  Superwood constructions material sales and product development
  4. Planning, launching and sales of real estate and solar power plant project


【Recruiting Base】

Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Kato-shi Hyogo

【Employment status】

Executive candidates, full-time employees, contract employees, part-timer

【Working hours】

In principle, 9: 00 ~ 17: 30, but flexible; ③ to work mainly on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

【Off days/Vacation】

2 days in a week(Saturday · Sunday), National Holidays, Summer vacation (5 days during from July 1st to September 30th ), Year-end Holiday, Annual paid vacation are general rules but flexible.


Health insurance, Unemployment insurance, worker's accident insurance, welfare pension insurance

【Interview and Recruiting】

At any time

Please contact us from the Contact page


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